By upgrading your vehicle’s cold air intake, you can make a positive difference in its performance. 

There are various benefits to altering a vehicle’s cold air intake system, with the main benefits being increased horsepower and torque output. This occurs as a result of the increased oxygen being provided to the engine as a result of high-performance airflow. 

What mechanical changes are involved?

The placement of a car’s air filter is what makes a cold air intake system different, and thus this is what is changed when one upgrades their air intake. With an upgrade, this system is shifted to an area outside of the main compartment of the engine. 

Cool air, which is denser than hot air, is now being directed into the engine’s combustion chamber because of this change of position.

The difference a cold air intake kit makes

An engine’s air induction works similarly to a person trying to breathe when they have a stuffy nose, as opposed to breathing with clear nasal passageways. Breathing is much more difficult and less effective with a stuffy nose while breathing with a clear nose enables you to breathe a larger volume of air and is far more effective. 

Operating your vehicle with a stock air intake system is like breathing with a stuffy nose, whereas an upgraded air intake system is like breathing with a clear nose. In both cases, performance increases as the amount of oxygen being taken in increases. 

It is safe to say that when it comes to chasing extra performance and efficiency from your vehicle, an upgraded air intake system is worth the expense. Furthermore, it will be handy if you plan to make any Stage 2 or Stage 3 upgrades in future. 

What happens if I upgrade my air intake?

By increasing the amount of oxygen-rich air being transported into the engine bay, the power output of an engine and horsepower increases accordingly. Your car’s acceleration will also be more responsive to throttle input, as a result of the greater amount of cooler air being supplied to the combustion chamber.

Additionally, you will also see better fuel economy after upgrading your air intake. This is because fuel is being burned more efficiently with a tuned air intake than with a stock one. It also has a positive effect on fuel economy, as the increase in power is being created by air being fed into the engine. 

The exact increase in performance, however, is dictated by whether or not any other modifications have taken place, as is usual with any stage one upgrade.

How to upgrade your air intake

Depending on the complexity of the stock system and the new air intake system you are looking to install, installing a cold air intake can be done in 60 minutes or less, and does not require heavy machinery, just regular hand tools.

With every kit, detailed instructions are included. As they are generally designed for specific makes and models, as well as the year in which the model was produced, they fit very precisely into the respective engine bay. 

Whilst it is possible to install the part yourself, it is best performed by a qualified mechanic, such as the mechanics at EA Performance. By doing this, you will be able to give yourself peace of mind and know that it is being done properly by the Gold Coast’s most trusted mechanics. 

The very best cold air intakes on the Gold Coast

EA Performance is the Gold Coast’s leading performance part providers and service mechanics, with over 30 years of experience increasing the performance of vehicles. We use the very best products and provide the highest quality care for your vehicle to ensure nothing but the best results. 

If you are considering an air intake upgrade on your vehicle, you can explore our range of air intake products here.  If you want to find out more about how EA Performance can enhance the performance of your car, be sure to contact us today