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  • The benefit of stage 1 upgrades

    Stage 1 upgrades offer a boost in vehicle performance compared to stock parts. Any stage 1 modification made will vary from car to car in extra vehicle performance and power gains. This is due to the different car makes and models, as well as the quality of the parts that are used. Some might see […]

  • How an exhaust upgrade can boost performance

    Using premium exhaust modifications, one can extract serious performance from their vehicle. In most performance vehicles, the level of power and torque yielded is limited by several factors when the vehicle has a stock exhaust system. In some cases, this reduction is a result of a desire to reduce the amount of sound produced by […]

  • The benefits of upgrading your air intake

    By upgrading your vehicle’s cold air intake, you can make a positive difference in its performance.  There are various benefits to altering a vehicle’s cold air intake system, with the main benefits being increased horsepower and torque output. This occurs as a result of the increased oxygen being provided to the engine as a result […]

  • How staged tuning increases your performance

    You will have heard of stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 performance upgrades… BUT WHAT DO THEY ENTAIL, AND HOW DO THEY IMPROVE YOUR VEHICLE’S PERFORMANCE?  The three stages can be perceived in different ways, depending on how you look at the situation or who you are talking to about it. Read on to […]

  • The difference your exhaust can make to vehicle performance

    Using the right parts and materials can make a profound difference to the performance of your car, and your exhaust is no different.   Most production cars come with exhausts that restrict the airflow of the engine in the name of decreasing the amount of sound produced or saving money in production by using low-quality materials. […]