Using premium exhaust modifications, one can extract serious performance from their vehicle.

In most performance vehicles, the level of power and torque yielded is limited by several factors when the vehicle has a stock exhaust system. In some cases, this reduction is a result of a desire to reduce the amount of sound produced by an engine due to road laws, or for the manufacturer to save money on parts.

In most vehicles, the exhaust system’s airflow is reduced as a result of parts that reduce the amount of noise produced to comply with local laws and save money on production costs.

Therefore, to maximise the performance of your vehicle, an upgraded exhaust system may prove beneficial.

Increased horsepower and efficiency

Upgraded exhaust systems have many benefits from a performance standpoint, but the primary performance increase caused by an upgraded exhaust system is to increase the airflow to and from the engine’s combustion chamber, duly increasing the amount of engine power available. This high-flow air intake created by the performance upgrade helps the engine to breathe better and draw in more air with every cycle.

An upgraded exhaust system is able to remove dirty air from the engine more efficiently, which can also create other benefits beyond an increase in power.

Decreased fuel consumption

As mentioned above, an upgraded exhaust system assists in increasing the vehicle’s performance in more ways than just horsepower. It can also assist with fuel economy. A performance exhaust system does a better job of maintaining optimal air levels inside your vehicle’s engine.

These optimal levels then reduce the need for your engine to compensate for dirty air levels, which in turn consumes less fuel and results in increased fuel economy. These modifications usually see a fuel economy increase of 1% to 2% after being performed, which will save the vehicle’s owner in fuel in the long run. 

Aesthetic benefits

To complement the performance benefits of exhaust upgrades, these modifications can also result in a vehicle looking more aesthetically pleasing than its stock counterpart. In most cases, the engine’s sound and style will also be improved thanks to an upgraded exhaust.

Simply put, a performance exhaust system will give an exhaust a more aggressive sound than a stock package. The particular sound that is created depends on the specific exhaust chosen, but the very best in performance exhaust systems will result in the car sounding more powerful and stronger than its stock counterpart. This is a result of larger pipes being used in performance exhausts as opposed to smaller ones used in stock systems.

Whether the improved exhaust is created from a material such as steel, aluminium or another material, your vehicle will be left sounding like a race car.

Performance modifications using Tneer exhaust parts

At EA Performance on the Gold Coast, we ensure that our customers get only the very best in performance modifications for their vehicles. Regardless of whether you are after just a stage 1 tune, a more complex stage 2 tune, or a full-blown stage 3 tune ready for the track, we have the very best parts to assist you from both a performance and efficiency standpoint. Therefore, we only use parts from reputable brands such as Tneer for our car tuning and engine tuning.

Tneer aims for excellent quality and design with their Sports Series Exhaust System, which overcomes the space limitations of the car by bending high-quality stainless-steel pipes using a state-of-the-art robotic pipe bending machine, as opposed to conventional multi-welding. Using this technology, the Tneer exhaust system is compatible with the vehicle and shows excellent performance in any environment, even off-road ones.

EA Performance is proud to offer the Tneer range and a variety of other high-tech exhaust systems in our shop for a variety of performance vehicles, including those manufactured by Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche and more.

To browse our range of exhaust modifications, be sure to visit our shop today.

Vehicle tuning on the Gold Coast

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