Steering wheel modification presents a unique way for vehicle owners to modify their vehicle to suit their desires. 

In recent years, aftermarket steering wheels and custom steering wheels have risen in popularity amongst car enthusiasts. Modifying one’s steering wheel gives vehicle owners the ability to show off their personalities and style while maintaining (and in many cases enhancing) the basic abilities and mechanisms of the wheel. 

What changes can I make to my steering wheel?

There are many changes that can be made to one’s steering wheel. These include changing the shape of the wheel, using carbon fibre steering wheels, adding LED displays to indicate revs and other important vehicle information, changing the colour of wheel stitching as well as the material that handgrips are made from, and much more. 

The benefits of a custom steering wheel 

Whilst many changes are completed for aesthetic reasons, some wheel modifications are completed to influence or even increase a vehicle’s driving performance.

Aesthetic benefits of a custom steering wheel

Aesthetic reasons may include the changing of colours or materials on certain parts of the wheel. These aesthetic reasons often also present performance enhancements in the form of an increase in durability. Most customised wheels are made from more durable materials than their stock counterparts.

For example, at EA Performance, our range of custom wheels are made from lightweight & durable materials including carbon fibre instead of certain metals and plastics. This material is more resistant to certain chemicals, as well as corrosion and heat exposure. There are also various finishes available on carbon fibre wheels. 

Performance benefits of a custom steering wheel

From a performance standpoint, some modified wheels are also smaller in diameter and also can be significantly lighter than stock wheels, which can increase driving performance via weight reduction. The addition of certain ergonomic features such as customised handgrips can also enhance one’s comfort behind the wheel, whilst also creating a softer touch and less slippery surface. LED displays can also assist with performance, as it is easier to see when one needs to shift gears. 

Are custom aftermarket steering wheels legal in Australia?

Yes, customised and aftermarket steering wheels are legal in Australia, however, they must meet certain manufacturer and safety standards to be compliant with the law. 

Passenger vehicles manufactured after June 1995 may only be fitted with wheels that have been certified as suitable for the vehicle by its manufacturer. They must also be compliant with ADR 69, which is a safety directive aimed at full frontal impact occupant protection. For example, if your vehicle’s steering wheel has an airbag as standard, the replacement must be the same. In some modifications, certain aspects of the original steering wheel may be carried over. 

Because of the legality of steering wheel modifications and the safety aspect involved, it is critical to contact a reputable mechanic if you are looking to make any modifications, and the installation of a new steering wheel should also be performed by a trusted mechanic, such as the ones at EA Performance. 

Custom steering wheels on the Gold Coast

Amongst our extensive range of performance modifications, EA Performance offers a range of customised steering wheels designed to take your driving experience to the next level. To explore the range of wheel customisations and accessories offered by EA Performance, be sure to have a look here. If you are looking to make any other modifications to your vehicle or have it serviced or repaired, be sure to contact Elden’s Autobahn today.