Using the right parts and materials can make a profound difference to the performance of your car, and your exhaust is no different.  

Most production cars come with exhausts that restrict the airflow of the engine in the name of decreasing the amount of sound produced or saving money in production by using low-quality materials. Because of these factors, one of the first performance modifications done by many car owners is to replace their exhaust system with a brand new one. This, in turn, brings back some of the performance lost because of the stock exhaust system. 

How can exhaust modifications increase performance? 

By enlarging the exhaust, the performance of your car’s engine is improved by increasing oxygen levels, creating better air intake and thus more efficient performance. The best performance exhaust systems up the ante. However, they don’t just create back-pressure and higher oxygen levels; they also create partial vacuums. Because of this vacuum, the exhaust gases are sucked out of the system, giving the combustion chamber more oxygen and thus giving the engine more power.

If done correctly, this will increase your car’s performance by up to 5%, whilst also improving the sound quality and engine note created by your exhaust system. This difference is particularly noticeable in turbocharged cars, due to the relationship between oxygen and the turbocharger.

Where can I find the very best exhaust systems on the market?

Here at Elden’s Autobahn, we are always in search of the best products and nothing less when it comes to performance upgrades. Because of that, we are proud to now stock Ryft’s brand new exhaust system, which is lightweight and created by hand with Artisan-made titanium. It can increase a supercar’s horsepower by 17.2 hp, whilst creating a 15.8 ft-lb torque gain.

The benefits of the Ryft exhaust system

The unique “velocity loop” design on the Ryft First Edition exhaust system creates a unique, loud, and clean exhaust note. The benefits go beyond music to the ears of a supercar owner, as the drastic weight reductions and power increase are both substantial improvements you will feel with a Ryft exhaust. 

The Ryft First Edition performance exhaust system is available on 18 supercars, including the Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Aventador, Audi R8, McLaren 570S and Porsche GT3RS. This exhaust system is a rarity, with few available in the market that match quality or value. 

Performance exhaust in Gold Coast

If you are looking to upgrade to high-quality custom exhausts, we highly recommend you check us out here at Elden’s Autobahn. Elden’s Autobahn is here to help you undergo that dream upgrade from the range of products in our exhaust shop. 

From logbook services to mechanical repairs, we perform all sorts of services at our Gold Coast centre and can come to you with our mobile mechanic service. 

Exhaust shop in Gold Coast

Our years of experience handling high-performance vehicles including all European makes gives you the peace of mind that we are giving you the best repairs and servicing possible, using only the best products.

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