Whilst a track day is a great way to test a vehicle’s limits, there are various things to keep in mind when hitting the track.

If it is your first time taking your pride and joy onto the track and testing its limits, there are various things to keep in mind when out on track pushing your vehicle beyond what you normally would on public roads. From driving standards and style to vehicle servicing and everything in between, there are many ways one can maximise their track day. Read on to learn more…

Adapting your driving style for the track

Road driving and performance driving on a track are two different experiences altogether, and as such one’s driving style should differ between the two. On most track days, professional driving instructors will be on hand to provide driver training and keep you informed in regards to advanced driving techniques.

These professional instructors are able to assist you with high-performance driving and getting the most out of your vehicle on a track day.

Maintain high driving standards

During track days, there are some very frowned upon actions that will have you black flagged and removed from the track in no time. These include overtaking into corners, overtaking in an unsafe manner, dangerous driving, tailgating and having an accident, particularly in the early stages of a session

You should also start slow, and gradually up the speed. You will have cold temperatures, tyres and brakes in the first few laps you drive. Therefore, you will need to get a feel for the track before pushing it to the absolute limit as you will be much more prone to accidents.

Safety equipment

The safety equipment that you need will differ from track to track, though there are general rules to follow. You will be required to wear a racing helmet at all times when on track, and you will also need to wear long-sleeved clothing and enclosed shoes when on track. In many cases, drivers may also have racing gloves, racing shoes and/or overalls.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch with the track or event organisers. Depending on the track you choose to attend, you may also need extra insurance for track days.

EA Performance’s Private Track Day Gold Coast

On Monday the 1st of August, EA Performance is hosting its very own private track day for 50 drivers at Queensland Raceway. Running from 7:30am to 12:30pm with an open pit lane and guaranteed pit bays, you are able to test and enjoy your vehicle in a safe environment.

To find out more about the track day event, please click here. If you are looking to register for EA Performance’s track day, you can secure a spot here for $240.

Service your car before the event

Before you get on the track, we recommend that you have serviced your vehicle and have it meet all necessary safety standards. This will ensure that you are able to get the maximum track time out of your day.

Nonetheless, on some track days, you will be able to get access to a garage to make changes, so it is always a wise idea to bring some tools just in case you need to make changes on the fly.

Car servicing on the Gold Coast

We service a wide range of vehicles at EA Performance on the Gold Coast, from your daily drive to high-end performance vehicles. To find out more about our range of service options, be sure to click here.

At EA Performance, our primary focus is providing exceptional customer service by doing everything possible to meet your and your vehicle’s needs. We perform vehicle services at our service centre in Hope Island, but also offer mobile mechanic services across the Gold Coast. If you are looking to service your vehicle, make mechanical repairs or apply performance modifications, be sure to contact EA Performance today.